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Us onomasts have pretty much heard the top 10 baby names from back to front: Emily, Isabella, Emma, Ava, Madison, Sophia, Olivia, Abigail, Hannah, Elizabeth, Jacob, Michael, Ethan, Joshua, Daniel, Christopher, Anthony, William, Matthew, and Andrew no longer make us blink an eye. But as we anxiously wait for the 2008 top 1000 names, we can look closer into the top 1000 of 2007. Maybe some of us have memorized the names of the top 25 or top 50 of each gender, but have any of us taken a real look at… the bottom 10 of the top 1000 list? Now, you have that chance.

BOTTOM 10 girls names:

  • 990. Diya
  • 991. Leticia
  • 992. Sheila
  • 993. Susana
  • 994. Kylah
  • 995. Sky
  • 996. Antonia
  • 997. Bree
  • 998. Marlen
  • 999. Olive
  • 1000. Zaniya

What a diverse bunch! There’s the trendy-sounding Kylah and Sky,  buttoned-up Antonia, Olive, and Leticia,  sophisticated Bree, old-fashioned Sheila, Spanish-spelled Susana, and just out-there Marlen, Zaniya, and Diya.

My favorites: Antonia, Susana, and Leticia, though Bree and Olive are ok. I wonder where Diya came from? My guess as a creaytive spelling of Dia, the Spanish word for “day.”

Now for the boys:

  • 990. Bentley
  • 991. Talen
  • 992. Blaise
  • 993. Brenton
  • 994. Eliezer
  • 995. Isaak
  • 996. Tyshawn
  • 997: Dandre
  • 998. Daxton
  • 999. Leroy
  • 1000. Trystan

Again, these are all over the place. I sense a trend here: There’s the trendy-sounding Daxton, Talen, Brenton,Bentley, and Trystan,  buttoned-up Isaak and Eliezer,  sophisticated Blaise, old-fashioned Leroy,  and unconventional Tyshawn and Dandre.

Faves: Eliezer (ell-e-AY-zur), because of the association with Eliezer “Elie” Wiesel, author and concentration-camp survivor, and Blaise (recently a NotD at appellationmountain) are the only ones I really like, and Isaak/Isaac is ok for me. The rest are too current/soon-to-be-dated like Brenton, or made-up-sounding, like Tyshawn. And the misspelling of the medievel Tristan downgrades it quite a bit.

Conclusion: While familiar names like Ophelia, Gwen, Jedediah, and Gregor do not make the cut, names like Diya and Daxton do. WDYT of these bottom-of-the-top-1000 names?



  1. Lola said,

    Diya looks Hindi to me, BtN lists her as Arabic. It”s a variant of Zia. Of them Blaise is n my list (but her prefers the literary Bleys) and Leticia’s a love.
    The others I could take or leave. I ecpect Leroy to have a slight comeback and I just checked, Olive at 999 is on her way up, this showing is her first since 1950! (I love that “Popularity of a Name” feature at SSA)!

  2. Lola said,

    He, not her! expect, not ecpect I should not be typing with this killer headache.

  3. Paige said,

    Feel better!
    And thanks for the info about Diya- it did look Indian/Hindi, but who knows with some parents when they name their kids if they know where the name comes from…
    SSA’s baby name features are top notch. I may put it on my blogroll sometime if I feel any more loving toward it…

  4. Cat said,

    I’m really surprised to see Antonia down so far; I would have pegged it as much more popular than that! Ditto Susana, although with the different spellings maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. The boys’ list seems to me more or less standard tryndy fare, but Eliezer is really lovely. Night was such a tough read, but Wiesel has a way with words and I think it would make a great hero namesake. Elie on a boy is dashing, too.

  5. Kate said,

    I rather like the fact that Antonia is so far down the list. How lovely to have a name that everyone recognises but that you wouldn’t have to share. Do you reckon Olive’s entry into the top 1000 is linked to the huge popularity of Olivia?

  6. Paige said,

    I’m guessing it is, along with the starbaby connection of Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher’s baby Olive and the fact that it is a major hipster name.

    Elie on a boy is so great! I would get angry though always correcting people “no, his name is Elie, not Ellie” and telling them how to prn. his name. I am a big fan of Night, too.

  7. sarah said,

    my daughters name is Kylah Gwen and i love both them names i think its definitely a matter of choice and what is ‘cool’ one year probably won’t be a few years down the line.

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